Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting to know another me

If I will loose my mind,
then I will loose myself, no doubts.

Then I will probably get to
know another me. I am sure that, inside me,
many are already waiting I finally get rid of me.
A new me! That could be interesting.

Kind of pity, since I am used to me.
We have been keeping each other
good company
for a long time, you know.

Kind of grumpy, and far too analytical at times.
Always there mumbling about the logic of life and
useless stuff like that. And sure, really cynical, in particular
when he does not get what he wants. Oh yes, that's me.

But a truly inspiring chap when he's in the mood.
He can look at things from a completely different angle,
mostly an irrelevant one, and that's so great about me.
I'm often so bewildered of me. What a sarcasm,
what a corrosive fantasy, how creative!
I am sure I will miss me.

Still, a new me, - wow - that would be great.
I am really looking for a change.

Especially when I am alone,
I would enjoy speaking to somebody else, for a change.