Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rattle and snake

I don't belong to any group,
she said, I just belong to myself, she said.

Her eyes lingered on my eyes,
then on her glass of beer. She turned back to me.

Definitely an engaging contradiction.

Today, there is a group for every individual.
I said. - I was thinking to long tail statistics
and power laws. I was thinking of solitude and hope.

The longing for an undefined sense of happiness,
and the comforting feeling of acknowledgment ... or maybe acceptance.

Not so uncommon in people after all.
Not uncommon at all.

Could not keep up with myself,
just dropped that thing there.
Waiting for her answer.

Her eyes looked back,
she looked at me with curiosity.

I despise poor people,
She darted at me. I liked that.

She was looking for humanity
and reason, and she searched
that within me, that night.

Not sure she found it.
Well, it was a half
baked conversation anyway.
Noone's fault. Sometimes it just goes that way, no matter how hard you try.

She entered the movie theater.
I waived to the barman - a good man -
and went back home.