Saturday, May 9, 2009

A small editorial project

This is a concept about a small book, minimalistic in its content, but which would  allow me to convey part of me to posterity. Not very sure about its business value, but definitely a project which is close to my hart, at least because it allows me to thank and give credits to those I love and care about.

All was well


To Enith, the person I have loved most dearly.
Keeping up loving her as much as she has loved me, it's not been an easy task.
But I am still doing my best. I love you Enith.

To my kids Ryan, Nemo and Maya
enjoy your life, and don't be afraid. I will always be there for you.

To Sicily (Italy),
my motherland, for granting me so much,
and for letting me taste the best food ever prepared on earth.

To my family and friends,
thank you for the good laughs we've had.

To my parents, my brothers, and my uncle
thanks for everything, really. You made me what I am.
And I am quite pleased with the result after all. I love you all.

To you reader,
thanks for reading this book of mine,
it means really a lot to me, that you are holding it in your hands now. I love you too.


Dear reader,

Though probably this book does not need it, I feel compelled to write a few lines about the novel you are about to read.

This book features a complex story about love, deception, and reconciliation. It's a story bearing a mysterious ante-fact, and an unexpected ending.

It's about our lives, our best friends, our spouse, our parents. It's a story that speaks of sorrow, of pain, of alienation. Still, it's a story about hope, about a brighter future, about the art of letting it go, and the joy of forgiving.

This story is about you, it's about all of us.

It's an intense story, my dear reader. After reading it, before closing this book, please take your time, and let it live for a moment in your thoughts. Enjoy the memories, the images, the people, the feelings which this story has evoked to you. Meditate. Let the time go. Relax. Enjoy.

/The story/

Then we hugged.
... and all was well.

© Natalino Busa - 2009
This book has been printed on recycled paper, trying to reduce the amount of pages to the bare minimum, still no concessions have been made about the story, which is herewith published in its full integral version.