Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ciao maestra!

Happily trotting next to
my primary school teacher,
after the school day.

A few of my school friends were walking
along, since many of us lived just a few
blocks away from the school.

"Nanni, you don't say 'Ciao Maestra!'.
How rude. When you're leaving,
you should say 'Goodbye'",
my young friends were correcting me.

But I liked the sound of
'Ciao Maestra!', shouted up,
as a warm and bright manner
of parting away.

Giving my love to my teacher,
so happy that all was well and
the day was sunny.

I didn't care much about
politeness and form. I was
confident that the message
was well received.

And probably my teacher didn't
mind neither. I was eight years old.