Thursday, January 14, 2010

Storing life

I would love to store the state of my mind.

Imagine that you would store your mind's state just after falling in love, or achieving something great, or after one of those elated moments when you get a glimpse of god. Restore that state record and there you are, reliving that experience once again. Your being preserved from decay, ready to be alive again any time you press on the play button.

Imagine that you could have all your friends states stored in the living room library on some handy solid state storage units, and you could recall them anytime you feel like, talk to them then saving the state of their beings and put them back in the library shelf. Imagine never having to say goodbye to anyone anymore ...

Imagine that in the meantime, they would change your operating device, i.e. your brain with a brand new machine, and while technology progresses you could have more memory, more analytical skills, and new senses. Imagine to periodically change your operating device, and restart your state on a newly installed machine, and see with your own eyes the universe spinning on.

This body made of blood and flesh is such a poor solution in the evolution chain. I want to store myself, and pop up one, ten, hundreds of me. Each time I feel like, just like the genie of the lamp.